Who is Alón Sagee?

The Yoga Business Coach Circa 2004

Since 2004, Alón has been known around the world as The Yoga Business Coach – intrepid champion of abundance and arch-nemesis to scarcity.  As a full-time consultant, writer, trainer, and public speaker, Alón spends his days distracting his unsuspecting clients with corny humor while secretly transmitting subliminal messages that help their yoga businesses prosper. OK, maybe not so secretly, and maybe it also has something to do with giving really good, clear and practical business advice – but Alón does have a way of making his yoga-infused guidance easier and often even fun to implement. In a world in which most perceive business success as daunting and elusive, his clients seem to appreciate this new paradigm.

After graduating from Rutgers University and subsequently surviving a very successful six year stint in the corporate world, Alón (just having been bitten by the yoga bug) undid the tie, took off the suit, bought a backpack, and embarked on another extensive solo exploration of this remarkable planet — a passion that has taken him to over thirty countries to date.

In Japan, Alón learned that he was actually born on the Buddha’s birthday. That fact, combined with a conveniently-placed mole on his third eye, led to a lot of free sushi.

So great is his love of travel that he even took his new bride to India for their honeymoon… yes, a bit of a risk romantically, but after the initial first day white-knuckle fear in the back of a cab apparently not equipped with brakes careening at high speed through the chaos and cacophony of Varinasi streets just barely missing cows chickens monkeys pushcart vendors and oncoming trucks that seem to be having a honking contest… she, uh, actually loved it. And yes, he’s still very happily married.

Alón discovered yoga in 1988 through an Indian friend who mentored him in Hatha and Kriya yoga, as well as starting him on the path of Ayurvedic study. Alón has made yoga his daily practice, and finds it to be one of his greatest teachers, especially when he really, really doesn’t want to get out of a warm bed to make his 7:00AM class, but does it anyway.

If you’ve read this far, you may actually enjoy working with Alón. You will be in good company with his many clients in over two dozen countries who wanted something different in a business coach… someone informed by yogic sensibilities who teaches a platform for building success in business without selling your soul… Well, you may be in luck, because if the sheer size of the What Clients Are Saying page is any indication, Alón’s inimitable style, depth of yoga business experience and clear guidance is remarkably effective. Weird, but effective.

If you want to read the short story of how this all started, click the “My Story” tab in the navigation column. Enjoy!