The Program

Synopsis. What you really need to know in one paragraph:

My one-on-one coaching focuses on your most important issue first, even if you’re not sure which one it is. Whether it involves taking immediate action to increase your business; solving a challenge that’s been eluding you; or helping you make some tough decisions with renewed clarity – this is a powerful process that reveals the next indicated step in any situation. But it is far more than that. Unlike on-line courses and webinars, during each session, as your thought-partner and co-conspirator, I roll up my sleeves and dig into the issues with you! Together, we’ll get our hands dirty as we tear apart any obstruction on your path –– whether it is a marketing campaign that hasn’t yielded good results, or your feeling of stuck-ness or burn-out. We’ll reveal the problems and fix them. But even more important than fixing things, this is also a personal business education, akin to a mentorship, that will not only transform your current business, but empower you in every venture or relationship you embark on for the rest of your life. That’s the bottom line: practical business and personal advice that guides you to more prosperity, more happiness, more fulfillment and more time to enjoy your life. Sure, it’ll take some effort and cost some money, but if you’re ready, you already know you need this.

Note from Alón:

If you simply can’t stand the suspense and you must know Now – scroll down to skip all this great stuff I wrote and go straight to what resources you’ll need to allocate to work with me… just promise to come back and read this section when you need to weigh the Value of this work versus the Investment required. Better yet, read some of the 80+ pages of client success stories (most of whom were initially skeptical) of tripling, quadrupling, and sometimes even ten-dipling (yes, I made up that word) revenues, as well as, wait for it… having a life!

After reading, if you’re still undecided about whether you’re ready for this investment in your life and business… call me, we’ll talk.

And yes, it was me who tagged that highway sign with some yoga-inspired graffiti.  Couldn’t help myself.


Invitation To Transformation

In the unfolding of your yoga practice, you have been gently but firmly encouraged by your teachers to open beyond your limitations. And when you did, however reluctantly, your practice blossomed into what it is today — an integral and important part of your life. As an experienced coach, I will help you grow your business and balance your life in much the same way, while always honoring the yogic values that inform your sensibilities… and occasionally making you laugh.

Yoga Business Coaching is a remarkable partnership of communication designed with the express purpose of serving your success as a yoga entrepreneur. In an on-going alliance, a trust is developed that allows me to serve as your advisor, confidant, sounding board, and catalyst for creative thinking. Clients often remark that this relationship replaces uncertainty with clarity, allowing them to make good choices for their businesses, and their lives.

The program is tailored specifically to your needs, regardless of whether your business is in start-up phase or already established. We will look at your entire life as your yoga, with your business as an extension of who you really are — and then fit your business into your life in a way that will support your highest goals, and your highest good.

This is exciting stuff — and it really works.

How I Work With You

As your coach, I roll up my sleeves and get busy collaborating with you. I will review and constructively critique marketing ideas and campaigns you have created, help you organize your business, and solve problems as they are occurring. Very little escapes my eye or intuition and I do not hold back on sharing with you the truth of what needs to be done. If your life or business is in any way less than flat-out wonderful (yes, wonderful) we’ll begin the transformation. You deserve not just a thriving business, but a wonderful life. Everyone does, but few reach out for help in creating it.

What You Will Learn

My Yoga Business Coaching will help you solve problems and develop skills and proficiencies in areas critical to business success as an entrepreneur:

  • Understanding the true nature of your business
  • Creating a clear, focused vision for your business
  • Employing yourself
  • Creating good business habits
  • Positioning your business in a potentially saturated market
  • Creating your brand
  • Managing your employees
  • Creating effective collateral pieces
  • Cultivating a strong following
  • Creating additional sources of revenue
  • Choosing a studio space/designing/renovating
  • Negotiating skills
  • Becoming a leader


The Investment

Let’s just go straight to the core of this: Yes, my rate for one-on-one personalized coaching is an investment –– and with a little effort, you can certainly find less expensive guidance –– however, my goal with each client is to make the cost of my services irrelevant when compared to the benefits and results. Over the last 12 years as the yoga Business Coach, I’ve heard many of my clients say that at first they thought they couldn’t afford to work with me, but soon realized they couldn’t afford not to. There is simply no replacement for one-on-one personal coaching with a powerfully effective guide. No webinar or group seminar will empower and inspire you for very long after the adrenaline rush subsides and you find yourself unmotivated and asking, “what now?” Working with me on a regular basis will keep you inspired, on track and making good decisions in building your business.

There is no requirement or obligation to work with me even a minute longer than you want to… however, consider 90 days (12 sessions) as a good investment of time, energy and resources to see the results really kick into gear.

Each 50-minute session is $300USD, paid in advance by check, PayPal, Google Wallet, international money order or credit card. For convenience, clients usually opt to purchase a block of 4 sessions for $1200 or 8 sessions for $2400.

To reach me and get the help you need, click here.