Seminars/Public Speaking

Alón preaching abundance

Give me an audience, I’ll rock their world. They’ll laugh, they’ll cry, they’ll swoon… OK, maybe not a full-out swoony kind of swoon, but they will be inspired and made somewhat dizzy from all the truly valuable stuff they’ll learn.

I have had the privilege of teaching my seminars to packed rooms (that sometimes overflowed into the hallway) at Yoga Journal’s Conference, Omega Institute’s NYC Yoga Conference and the first ever and remarkably successful Iowa City Yoga Festival (Yes, Iowa. It was wonderful).

With an enormous arsenal of life and business experience to draw from (read: I’ve made lots of mistakes), I’ve been told that my presentations are engaging, uplifting and filled with humor, corny as it may be. I seem to be able to relate to audiences naturally, and they seem to enjoy my stories and enthusiasm.

Whether for large conferences or private group seminars, I can be hired to teach The Business of Yoga to studio owners and instructors and/or The Yoga of Business to executives, professionals, therapists, coaches, and entrepreneurs in any industry or trade.

Feedback from seminar attendees is consistently positive… some approaching actual swoony-ness.

Please contact me well in advance of your event to insure my availability.