My Story

How This All Started

In 2004, on a beautiful spring morning, I had an epiphany. In the middle of a bowl of crunchy granola, everything stopped… and the full weight and beauty of my next step in life became clear: I was to use my gift for business and my love of yoga to become The Yoga Business Coach. It was one of those moments… effortless, exciting and life-changing, with a level of certainty that is absolute and unquestionable.

Since then, I have done my best to be a clear light to the community I serve, without getting in the way of the true source of the wisdom that comes through me. It has been an honor to have helped so many teachers and yoga businesses around the world claim their prosperity and bring more yoga to our planet (I think we can agree it needs it).

The Yoga Business Journal, my monthly e-newsletter that began not long after I finished that bowl of (by then soggy) cereal – is now read worldwide by thousands of yoga professionals and entrepreneurs who seem to be able to put up with my goofy humor on an on-going basis.

Anything I may share with you about the success of this venture is dwarfed by the empowered stories of those who were drawn to work with me. Some visitors to this website have written to me that they enjoyed reading all of them in one sitting (currently over 75 pages). That never ceases to amaze me.

I am forever grateful for the grace that keeps finding its way into my life.

With Love,