Karma Yoga Charities

In general, Karma means action, or duty. Karma Yoga is a spiritual discipline based upon unselfish performance of duty without aspiring for results or reward. The term is applicable to any selfless service one performs. For a deeper understanding of Karma Yoga, read chapters three and five of the Bhagavad Gita.

Here are some of my favorite Karma Yoga charities:

Cultural Restoration Tourism Project (CRTP)

www.crtp.net • 415.563.7221

Mission: “Cultural Restoration Tourism Project (CRTP) helps spiritual communities around the world reclaim their heritage and traditions by restoring artifacts of deep cultural importance that are in danger of extinction.”

crtp1CRTP offers people from all backgrounds the opportunity to participate in the rebuilding of temples and communities in Asia. Our participants spend their vacations (6 & 13 day trips) putting their hearts and hands to work on something truly meaningful. The tour fee is a donation, which goes towards the restoration project, providing jobs and job training for dozens of local people in regions of nearly 70% unemployment. Current CRTP projects are taking travelers to Mongolia and Nepal.

In Mongolia, CRTP is rebuilding the “Yellow Temple”, historically the third largest Buddhist monastery in the country. This beautiful and important monastery was the center of a rich spiritual community of 17,000 souls. It was destroyed in the 1930’s by the occupying communist regime that slaughtered thousands of gentle monks and nuns who lived there.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

www.spiritrock.com • 415.488.0164

spritirockMission: “We see Spirit Rock as a living mandala (a circle) whose central inspiration is the dharma, the deepest truth of life, beyond words and concepts. The outer expressions of the mandala are both reflections of the dharma and paths leading back to the dharma. The outer expressions, which are interdependent and support one another, include our programs and trainings in retreats, wise relationship, study, hermitage, service, and spiritual practices, in the world.”

Founded in Marin County by Jack Kornfield , Spirit Rock Meditation Center is dedicated to the teachings of the Buddha as presented in the vipassana tradition. The practice of mindful awareness, called Insight or Vipassana Meditation, is at the heart of all the activities at Spirit Rock. The Center hosts a full program of ongoing classes, daylong programs, and residential retreats.

The Green Yoga Association

www.GreenYoga.org • 888.659.7925

greenyogaMission: To foster ecological consciousness, reverence, and action in the Yoga community. Our goal is to widen the circle of Yoga practitioners who are seeking ways to honor and care for the Earth.

Today, the viability of earth’s life systems is in danger. If humanity is to survive and thrive, we must learn to live in balance with nature. Now is the time to cleanse and heal the earth and to establish a sustainable relationship with the environment for generations to come.

Therefore, as practitioners of Yoga we will:

  • Educate ourselves about the needs of the biosphere as a whole and our local ecosystems in particular.
  • Cultivate an appreciation for and conscious connection with the natural environments in which we live, including animals, plants, soil, water, and air.
  • Include care for the environment in our discussion of Yogic ethical practices.
  • Commit ourselves to policies, products, and actions that minimize environmental harm and maximize environmental benefit.
  • And, if we are Yoga teachers or centers, we will incorporate these commitments into our work with students.