Common Questions

If you don’t find your question here, please feel free to contact me for any additional information you may need.

1. What is it like to work with you?

My clients often describe me as a warm and insightful, creative and compassionate goofball. I tend to hold a grounded and focused disposition, but can be firm at appropriate times. I imbue all my relationships with lighthearted humor, because laughing makes me happy, and it’s quite contagious. My coaching is very practical, and rooted in a deep experience in working with people on their businesses and their dreams. I seem to have been gifted with an ability to draw forth the very best from my clients. I love what I do, and it shows on my face.

2. What are your work hours?

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday are the days I hold client sessions. I assign each Friday as a day I work “on” my business, not “in” my business. This allows me time to ensure that I am constantly improving my skills, expanding my knowledge, and increasing the value of my offering to you. As part of the intentional balance I have designed into my life, Monday is a day off. As your coach, I will share the wisdom behind this, and help you tailor a similar program that suits your life and your business.

3. What issues are raised during the coaching calls?

The scope is unlimited, but generally, any variation of (begin gloomy, dark background music) “I need to bring in more revenue or this business is history!” Also common are problems with staff, problems with landlords, problems with communication, self-doubt, burn-out, “how do I do this?” “I need a new vision” and (begin sunny, cautious-optimism music) “when and how do I expand into a bigger or second location?”

4. How long does a coaching call last?

A typical call is 45 minutes, although longer sessions are available. A coaching call is not a “chat,” as there is a specific situation or problem to resolve, or information to impart. This will be determined within the first few minutes of the call and will set an efficient framework for our dialogue. We get a lot done in 45 minutes… and then you begin the homework for our next session.

5. What if I don’t have the skills I need?

I will always do my best to teach you what you need to know in order to accomplish the goals we commit to achieving. Certain tasks, however, such as writing really effective copy, simply may not be your forté. In certain situations, I may be hired outside the coaching relationship to write copy for your web site, brochures, newsletters, etc. Please call me for more information.

6. Do you only coach studios and yoga teachers?

In addition to many, many studios and teachers worldwide, I have successfully coached a large number of completely non-yoga-related individuals and businesses: executives, entrepreneurs, dance studios and teachers, psychiatrists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, coaches (of every kind), building contractors, architects, musicians, producers, photographers… I could go on, but I’ll spare you. Important that you know that no matter who the client, I will never compromise the yogic sensibilities that guide me in my life and work.