Sneaking out of Savasana

Here’s our Upward Facing Blog mascot demonstrating the powerful and advanced Svansavasana, or “Dog Playing Dead” pose. Yes, this full expression of a difficult asana is tempting to try, but please do it with a fellow teacher who can bring you back should you lose yourself in the quiet abyss of this pose.

So, let’s begin. Have you noticed that certain people in your classes sneak out of the room just before or even during the first minute of Savasana… It’s not my biggest pet peeve, but it’s close.

Sometimes I feel like grabbing one of them by the shoulders and asking “what is it about yoga’s most important and hard-to-master pose that you don’t get?” People…please… this is where it all happens, where everything you just did is integrated into your very being, the very act of non-doing that allows you to store the energy and accumulate it, instead of, wait for it... starting over every time you come to class!

If the truth of that last paragraph made you cringe… by any chance, did you also think: “Hmmm… Should I read this article? Sure, the photo is adorable, but it doesn’t seem to be about business — and there’s so much else I could be doing…” Ah yes,rest and self-care — often last on the to-do list of hard working entrepreneurs worldwide.

Chances are, if you’re a yoga business owner, you are ultimately responsible for running the business. Did you ever notice that we call it running a business? To a degree, that in itself points to the unbalanced work ethic that goes largely unquestioned in our western culture. We’re always running here and there, planning, doing, putting out fires — taking care of the never-ending tasks demanded by this thing we’ve created that’s meant to free us from working for someone else.

Does this sound familiar? Are the tasks and stresses dulling the enthusiasm you started your venture with? Are you running your business or has it started running you? 

In yoga practice, if one’s mind is racing through the “to do” list, it can be tempting to shorten or skip Savasana. This is a sure sign that deep rest is really needed. I’ve seen anxious students roll up their mats at the onset of final relaxation and disturb the rest of the yogis when trying to tiptoe out of the room. Sometimes, the thing we need most is right in front of us.

Savasana is spoken of as the most difficult asana to master because it means taming the mind. Even for just a few minutes, it means truly letting go of the list, the worry, the fear… and resting. It gives our bodies and minds the opportunity to process and integrate all the new information received each time we do yoga -making the minutes of Savasana far more valuable than equal minutes of sleep.

Skipping Savasana is missing the point of yoga.

To be your best in life, to deliver the great gift of yoga to your community in the clearest, most authentic and energetic way, you need to take care of yourself. Building up agitation and tension without enough deep rest does not serve us, nor our businesses. When we don’t take the time to rest, we become less effective in everything we do.

So, honestly, what have you been skipping for the “sake” of your business? Has your practice suffered because “there’s just no time?” What do you love to do that truly nourishes you… that you’ve hardly done since starting your business? Ouch. Right?

We are yogis – we teach balance. And whether we own or run a yoga business, or just hold classes, or both – we must live as an example of what we teach. To be in integrity, we must invest in rest and self-care as part of our practice. Not doing so will eventually lead to exhaustion and burn-out… and we don’t want that, do we?


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Kicking Scarcity’s Butt

Greetings everyone,

The theme discussed in the current issue of The Yoga Business Journal is titled Kicking Scarcity’s Butt. I know, it does sound like fun, but it’s also a very powerful call to action that can enhance your business and your life dramatically. So today, we’re opening up the discussion to the community and see what questions, comments and wisdom want to come forward. As I’ve said, this is normally not a business topic, but it should be.


I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t occasionally experience scarcity thinking. It’s near impossible to be in this world of collective human consciousness and completely avoid its sticky tentacles. So don’t look to those our culture has put on prosperity pedestals as being free of this… they’re not, they just know how to stay in their Truth instead of compulsively strapping themselves to these disempowering thoughts and going for a bumpy ride. It’s not having the thought that’s the problem, it’s what we do with it.

An anecdote from a coaching session: Years ago, a new client shared her frustration with me that her 9:30AM class that day had only 3 people in it. She said that throughout the 90 minutes, she was obsessed with trying to figure out the reason for this: Was it her teaching style? Was she not good enough? Did they all go somewhere else where they have good teachers? Should she shower more often (OK, I made that one up, but you get the drift, so to speak)?

What I suggested to her was that in this experience, she aligned herself with scarcity in a way that perpetuates it in her business. By obsessing about why some students weren’t there, she wasn’t present for those that were! The students, two of whom were new, probably felt that something was off. They didn’t necessarily know what, but it just didn’t feel good. It likely wasn’t anything she said or did in class… she just aligned herself with the wrong thought-form, and her students, who during class are more open and receptive, felt it. She did not see these students again in her studio.

Students rarely say anything when they feel this way, they usually just stop coming. A simple way of thwarting scarcity’s incursion in this scenario is simply staying in gratitude. Scarcity hates gratitude. It’s our secret weapon and it always works. Had she stayed in fully-present gratitude for the students that did show up, expressing to them how fortunate they are that they can have so much personal attention, they would have felt seen, acknowledged, and celebrated by their teacher. Not only would they have loved the class experience, they would tell their like-minded friends how they felt, encouraging them to come feel it themselves (read: your business grows naturally).

Using thoughts that smack of scarcity as an wonderful reminder to exercise gratitude needs to become a committed practice in us, very much like yoga. The better we practice, the more effective it becomes. Gratitude kicks scarcity’s butt because when we are grateful for what we have or experience, there’s no lack of anything. No matter what your current financial life looks like, scarcity cannot survive in minds that have abundance in their consciousness. Add gratitude to your daily practice and you’ll experience more peace and abundance than you can imagine. It’s just the way it works. Gratitude squashes scarcity and sets us up to receive prosperity. I’ve seen this in action hundreds of times in myself and my clients.

The practice continues to make a huge difference in my life and business. Scarcity thoughts rarely last for more than few seconds in my noggin before getting trampled by the onslaught of prosperity I unleash at them. If I can do this, believe me, you can too.

We’ll go into more depth and discussion in tomorrow’s tele-class, which will be fascinating and fabulous.

Thanks for reading. Please participate in this conversation by posting a comment with your questions, experiences, or comments. Really, do it now, write about that thought you just had… we want to know.


Coach out.