Blog Dog Mascot Naming Contest!

This should be fun – submit your entry of a cool name for our new mascot! Almost anything goes. Get creative. Funny is good, cute is good… If it needs explanation, explain away, we’re listening.

Submissions will be received until Midnight June 29, 2012. One entry per person. We’ll announce the winner and second and third place entries to a worldwide audience in next month’s Yoga Business Journal.

Here are the prizes:

First Place: A full 45-minute Yoga Business or personal coaching session (value: $250 USD)

Second Place: A 30-minute Yoga Business or personal coaching session

Third Place:  A 15-minute Quickie Yoga Business or personal coaching session (You’d be amazed at what can happen in 15 minutes of coaching… really)

OK, let us have it – Our panel of Non-Judges are standing by, awaiting your brilliant entry. Click the “Comments” link near the date, above.



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  1. I think you should name him Frankel. Not sure why, just came to me…

    Jai Frankel!!

  2. Blog Dog Mascot Naming Contest! Suggestions:
    1. My God, it’s a Blog of a Dog
    2. It’s a Dog’s Life
    3. Dog Days
    4. Dog-a-doodle (do)

  3. Daisy. This upward facing dog looks like our dog Daisy who has the reputation by all that know her as being the best dog in the world. Our Daisy is now a 12 year old adopted dog that leads me to my yoga mat daily and provides a watchful eye over my practice and my life. Our Daisy has been my “receptionist” to my massage clients for years, providing a little pet therapy to all that cross paths with her. Our Daisy visits our vets at the veterans home. They love her. Daisy has a full life and this upward facing dog is being groomed to bring us all support and cyber joy.

  4. Adho Mukha! Name him Adho Mukha!!!!

  5. Ufubie (you – foo – bee) U for upward, F for facing, B for blog. :)

  6. Well, I think the cute dog has already been named… “Blog”, so I suggest that’s the perfect name for him/her

  7. Doga, the Yoga Dog :)

  8. paulgarrety says:

    An upward facing blog needs to be able to look at things forwards and backwards – so I’m suggesting Nola (Alon spelt backwards)

  9. Hi Everyone,

    We have until midnight June 29th, 2012 to receive submissions. My panel of Non-Judges think we should limit it to one entry per person for this contest. Who am I to argue with such wisdom?

    So, if you’ve already submitted a name and you have some wild epiphany in the course of these next few weeks, you can replace your original entry with the new name. Any previous submissions will be up for grabs, so choose well!

    Thanks for participating!

  10. I’ve been meditating on this: narrowing my creativity and choosing one option was hard…
    “Paw-na Shakti” seems a fitting name

    I’m really hoping this submission provides me with my first session with Alon!
    Come on voters, raise your paws!

  11. Okay, changed my entry…..I realized you are calling this the Upward Facing Blog so how about Urdhva Mukha? I had entered Adho Mukha before thinking you the Downward Facing Dog could have an Upward Facing Blog but….hey, changed my mind. Urdhva Mukha the Upward Facing Blog Dog :)

    Hope this finds you well!


  12. Amy Pittelkau says:

    YoCo…..for Yoga Coach
    or YoBiCo…for Yoga Business Coach

  13. I think Bhakti. :)

  14. These are the names that struck me for the little guy……

    and my favorite, Jaya.

  15. SVAN!

    Name the dog Svan of course!


  16. Lori Z. says:

    Blog Dog name suggestion:

    Shubha Shunaka (literal Sanskrit for “good dog”) or “Shu Shu” or “SHuSH” for short?

    Bhaashhh (Sanskrit for “speak”)

  17. Andrea beat me to SVAN so how about SWAN which would be a bit silly and a similar idea with a different accent. <3

    Not supposed to have more than one idea but since my first idea was taken, how about:


    It has the sweet Mmmmm sound and the hard TTTTTT sound every dog name needs and the loving kindness inherent in every dear doggie. xo Pat

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